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The owner of ArchLUME has over 40 years of combined experience in the lighting and electrical industry. ArchLUME will provide representation and an aggressive sales force to cultivate the market we serve. Our philosophy is that we as a company add value to our customers and to the manufacturers that we represent. We are dedicated to the industry as a whole to promote quality service and products. We are committed to customer satisfaction and dedicated to honesty and integrity in all facets of our business. Our competitive advantage is rooted in experience in all levels of the lighting industry and knowledge of how the market works. In essence... we have proven success in the lighting industry!

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ArchLUME will become the leading lighting manufacturer's representative in the Southern Louisiana Territory market serving Lighting Specifiers, Contractors, Distributors, and End Users. ArchLUME will be recognized nationally as a formidable competitor. We will conduct our business to produce financial returns that encourage and reward stockholders. It is our belief and intent that ArchLUME's capabilities will elevate our organization to a dominant position in Louisiana.

 ArchLUME's success will be built upon the strength of its employees and proven expertise of the founders. Operating procedures will reflect the belief that our personnel closet to the customer is best positioned to respond to changing needs and requirements. We will consistently satisfy our customers better than the best of our competitors.

ArchLUME's goal is to set a standard of performance which competitors can only strive to equal.