• Creighton R. Belt Sr. - Principal (New Orleans and Baton Rouge). Specification sales: Architects and Engineers. New product introduction and education. Distributor and Contractor sales. Major project quotations and coordination. Company operations.
  • Creighton R. Belt Jr. - (New Orleans & Baton Rouge) Project quotations and management, inside sales, specification, distributor, and contractor sales.
  • Monique Theard - (New Orleans & Baton Rouge) Office Manager, inside sales, customer relations.
  • Mark Johnson - (New Orleans & Baton Rouge) Inside sales, customer service.
  • Deborah A. Broussard - (New Orleans). Operations and Marketing Administration.

Our Staff Includes

Our Staff

ArchLUME's staff consist of completely trained, experienced lighting professionals who are dedicated to ArchLUME, our manufacturers, and our customers.

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